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When the big day arrives and the boat is ready for launching, we find it is the most exciting time for both the client and our employees. Months of hard work are paying off and the boat is getting ready for christening and the "big splash."

About a month before the vessel is ready, the owner and staff begin making final preparations for the launch date. Last minute emergency equipment is purchased, additional fenders are ordered, and lines and chain begin to go on board. Standing in the background is Captain Chris Lupton, retired and longtime tug boat captain, waiting to assist the boat owner with preparations and sea trials. Most of our clients are delighted to hire him just for the local knowledge of the waterways. 

Once the boat launches, representatives from the engine and generator companies, subcontractors, and the owner take the vessel for sea trials to ensure that the equipment is properly installed and running efficiently. Many times the architect on the project is invited and delightfully accepts the opportunity to make the first sea trial with the crew.

The boat then leaves for its home port and it becomes bittersweet to see it go. However, our employees know that once it leaves, another new boat will be started. Then the building process starts all over again!

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