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A yacht quality paint system is the final touch that completes a project (kind of like the icing on a cake.) When choosing a paint system, the variables to be considered are vast. The boat owner needs to decide what they want the final outcome to be and then consider their budget. Paint systems vary greatly in price and final product. Our subcontractor paint team consults with the boat owner and to help them decide on the final product, they like to use a 1 to 10 analogy. Do you require a 10 (near perfect finish) or can you be happy with a 6 or 7? Each owner decides on cost and final outcome.

When Custom Steel Boats first started “dabbling” in yacht quality paint systems, painting seemed to be an expense that just wasn’t truly necessary. The intensive labor hours and paint supplies required were astounding. We now understand the time consuming process is worth the dollars spent to achieve a near perfect paint job.

While searching for paint subcontractors, Custom Steel Boats was fortunate to find Joe Hernandez of Prestige Yacht Coatings.. Unique to the yacht coating industry they specialize in custom metallic and pearl paint applications. Their portfolio includes projects with Palmer Johnson Yachts, Burger, and Trinity, just to name a few.

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