Richard Flowers, one of the principal founders of Custom Steel Boats, Inc., began his boat building career in 1948 and metal boat construction in 1957. Over the past fifty-five years of hands-on construction as a ship fitter, supervisor, and company owner, he constructed hundreds of steel and aluminum vessels of all sizes including sea-going tugs, aircraft carrier superstructures, commercial ferries, fishing trawlers, and custom yachts. After high school graduation in 1974, Richard’s son, Rodney, joined his father in the boat building business and working together they successfully completed many marine projects.

Realizing they had the ability to start their own business, Richard and Rodney signed their first contract in 1981 and thus, Custom Steel Boats was formed. As contracts continued to be awarded and naval architects across the country took notice, a larger facility was needed including waterfront access to launch the larger vessels. In 1994, the boatyard moved from its original home in Arapahoe to the now 17 acre establishment in Merritt.

Steel Hull Boat Builder

Business continued to prosper at the new facility. Custom Steel Boats expanded into the steel trawler market with the capability to offer completed vessels including custom interiors, complete systems installation, and yacht-quality paint systems. And because of this turn-key building process, Custom Steel Boats was able to attract many new clients. Word-of-mouth spread, and before long, Custom Steel Boats came to be known as the Marine Architect’s choice.

In 2003 Richard Flowers and his wife, Rosa, died unexpectedly. Rodney and Teresa had worked in the business for many years; therefore, the transition from company employees to company owners/managers was a seamless one. Further complementing this new generation of ownership, Richard and Rosa’s grandchildren, Sean and Kaitlyn, now work alongside their father and aunt to learn the family business in a hands-on fashion.

Looking forward to celebrating 33 years in the boat building industry, Custom Steel Boats continues to produce high-quality yachts and commercial vessels and plans to continue the tradition set forth by Richard and Rosa Flowers for many years to come.

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