Celebrating 25 years in the marine industry, Custom Steel Boats continues to produce top quality custom yachts in steel and aluminum. Many changes have taken place over the last 25 years.  Starting at a small location in Arapahoe, North Carolina in 1981, CSB began with one welding machine and desire to construct boats!  Armed with plenty of ambition and intuition, a vast knowledge of boat construction, and an enormous amount of integrity, Richard and Rodney Flowers founded Custom Steel Boats.  As the business grew, they saw the need for a larger location.  In 1994, CSB moved to their present location in Merritt, North Carolina.  The new location offered the distinct advantage of building bigger boats…and bigger boats they did build!  Still operating under the founding philosophy of fair and honest business practice, Custom Steel Boats continues to thrive in a very competitive, volatile market.  Happy 25th Anniversary, CSB!!