In celebration of our 25 years in the marine industry, Custom Steel Boats is proud to announce a new line of expedition style yachts ranging in size from 49 – 98 feet in length.  The new Amerigo Yacht line of vessels, with steel hull and aluminum superstructure, will set a new industry standard combining functionality, beauty, and safety.   

Amerigo Yachts will develop a full line of yachts ranging from 49 feet to 92 feet. The mission of the company is to build and market high quality, safe, and reliable steel vessels that will give the customer value and style.  “We want the boat building experience to be a positive and rewarding one”, said Teresa Flowers, “and the customer will always come first”. Contact Amerigo Yachts for more information at 102 Yacht Dr., Merritt, NC 28556 or 252-745-7447.