The Mary Musgrove, a 67’ T-Class passenger ferry, was built by Custom Steel Boats, Inc for The Chatham Area Transit Authority in Savannah, Georgia. It was delivered November 2nd 2012.

The Mary Musgrove is powered by two John Deere 8.1 liter 6081 AFM75 M1 engines and propelled by two Schottel Z-Drives. The vessel will also be equipped with an 18 inch Wesmar hydraulic bow thruster and a single 46 Kw John Deere generator. The engines, generator and four 4-ton Cruisairs will be cooled by Fernstrum Keelcoolers.

It will accommodate 150 passengers for transportation to the International Trade and Convention Center located on Hutchinson Island from downtown Savannah. The vessel is being built in accordance with the United States Coast Guard Regulations.

While the Mary Musgrove is the third vessel to be built for the Chatham Area Transit Authority, it is the first to be built by Custom Steel Boats, Inc. and designed by DeJong and Lebet. The vessel is being funded in part by Federal Stimulus dollars and in part using a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.


Savannah Ferry Particulars
Length Overall: 67' Beam: 24'
Draft: 5' 8" Passasngers: 150
Gross Tonnage: Less than 100 Power:
Fuel: 1600 Gallons  



Bilge Manifold








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