Rodney Flowers
Son of founder Richard Flowers, Rodney began his career in 1974 as a welder and ship fitter on a 185 ft. minesweeper conversion to a commercial fishing vessel. Having worked side-by-side with his father, he has acquired a vast knowledge of boat building skills. His aptitude to interpret blueprints, along with a keen ability to foresee cost-effective construction methods has resulted in the successful completion of many top-quality vessels. After the untimely death of his father, he assumed the role of President of Custom Steel Boats, responsible for the supervision of construction.

teresaTeresa Flowers
Richard’s daughter, Teresa Flowers, was instrumental in the formation of Custom Steel Boats and later joined the company full time in 1988. As Vice President of CSB, she serves as project manager working closely with her brother Rodney, along with the clients and architects throughout the planning, bidding, and construction stages. With a vast knowledge of steel and aluminum vessels, she is proficient in the field of outfitting and purchasing. Her problem-solving ability has proven to be a true asset to the company. Since the death of her father, she now assumes the company’s sales and marketing responsibilities.
seanSean Flowers
Sean Flowers, Rodney’s son, joined the company as a fourth generation boat builder. Adept in AUTOCAD, he proves to be an asset to the company manipulating vessel drawings on the computer. Sean is working closely with his father as he learns all aspects of boat construction. With his attention to detail, Sean is responsible for the majority of equipment installation and finish work on the yachts.
kaitKait Flowers
Kait Flowers, Rodney’s daughter, has joined the company and serves as office manager, safety officer and human relations administrator. She is also responsible for inventory control and photography. She brings her organizational, and computer skills to the company and with a keen eye for detail, Kait is liaison between Teresa and the clients ensuring the smooth operation of the CSB office.
crewConstruction Crew 
With a construction crew of highly trained and experienced welders and 
fitters, CSB has the distinct ability to construct a wide variety of vessels from commercial to pleasure yachts. All of our employees are longstanding and therefore they bring a vast knowledge of construction ability to the work area. Teamwork is a priority at CSB and our employees are rewarded for their dedication.



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